Storm King's Thunder - Session 0

Well, that "once a week blog post" didn't last long. 

I always seem to have a lot going on, and I never had time to write and update my blog, partially as I had nothing to talk about. So I figured, why not blog about something I do each week!

Hence, I think I'm going to start blogging about my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 

I finished the first session of the pre-written adventure "Storm King's Thunder" recently, so this is as great a starting point as any! This will hopefully serve as use to some people who plan to DM SKT, start DnD in general, or even about dealing with a 7 person party!

A few little things about the campaign. We started the adventure with Lost Mines on Phandelver, and due to our short sessions (~2 hours) and occasional weeks off, it took about 5 months to finish. We play over the internet on Roll20, which is really cool when you get the music going - it's got nothing on real life sessions though!

I plan to do 2 lots of post. The first one which is player-safe, just the story of the players. The second post will have the same story, with my notes on how I tackled certain things, what I wish I had done etc, with the thoughts of this might help other new DMs in getting some (debatably) good ideas and tips.

Following this post there will be the beginning of the story, hope you enjoy!

Oz xoxo