Magic the Gathering - Through the Eyes of a Casual

Magic the Gathering - Through the Eyes of a Casual

 "It's actually quite simple, but since you've only recently begun to walk upright, it may take some time to explain."

—Jace Beleren, to Garruk Wildspeaker" - Redirect, M13

 I love Magic the Gathering. I love the feeling of cracking a few boosters just to see what’s inside. I love going through my collection and building whatever jank madness I can. I love slowly buying singles to power up my golgari elf tribal deck. I love building budget commander decks with massive dragons, even though my playgroup is me and a mate, who live hours apart. I spend hours a week building decks and stripping them down, desperately waiting for a free weekend to head to my mates so we can just sit down and play some games.

I’ve been “playing” magic for years, but in the early days that mainly consisted of buying the occasional pack, building decks and collecting cards. Recently, with the open beta of Magic Arena, I’ve really been able to sink my teeth into standard and different play styles. You see, I like in rural England, my local town doesn’t have an FLGS, and the closest is nearly an hour away. I’ve never been to an FNM or pre-release, partially because of nerves and partly because it’s a long way to go. I am probably the living definition of a casual MTG player.

I plan on writing some blogs about MTG, different products, different decks, and just my feelings about the game and news and things, so I thought I’d preface them with this blog as a sort of disclaimer. I think it’s important that people know where I stand and how I view Magic if I’m going to give my reviews and thoughts on things. I am not great at MTG, but I don’t care. What I love about Magic is that I can build decks around random jank I’ve opened in packs and that I can make demon tribal decks because who doesn’t want to play MASSIVE DEMONS AND DRAGONS. For me, It doesn’t matter about winning, it just matters that I can sit down with my mates and chat and just play some nonsense decks.

I mostly play the format “whatever cards you have”. I just build decks with my collection, and I occasionally buy some singles and replace the trash in my elf deck. I’ve recently got really interested in Commander, thanks to The Command Zone and their amazing "Game Knights" gameplay videos, so I’ve played some games with the 2018 pre-cons and I’ll be honest, I love it. It fully embraces the casual feeling of magic I love. “It doesn’t matter if I win, I’ve got some cool looking cards and an engine that probably will never get going”.

So that’s how I view MTG, and don’t forget that if you’re a standard player and I recommend themed boosters because “thematically they rock”. Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for more blogs!

Oz xoxo






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