Simic Guild Kit - Magic: The Gathering Product Review

Simic initiates begin their training as experimental subjects. Failures are flushed to the undersewers. - Simic Initiate, Dissension

Woo! I love buying new MTG products! This time I've picked up a Simic Guild Kit, and I am very excited to dig into it and see what you get! Guild Kits are about £18 and contain a 60 card deck, a deck box, a guild themed spindown life counter a guild pin badge, guild sticker and a cardboard guild themed insert. Each of the Ravnican Guilds has a guild kit, the first half being released with Guilds of Ravnica, and the second half with Ravnica Allegiance. The Simic Kit comes from Ravinca Allegiance, and holds quite a bit of value!

Simic Guild Kit Unboxing Components of MTG Simic Kit

Firstly, I'll quickly go over all the extras that come with these kits. The deck box is made from fairly sturdy cardboard, and if I didn't make deck boxes for a living I would almost definitely use it a fair amount. It probably wouldn't take a huge amount of wear and tear, but it's a nice place to store your guild deck safely. The spindown life counter die left a little to be desired in this case. Traditionally, the Simic colours of MTG are blue and green, yet this dice is white and green. It features the guild symbol instead of the 20, and still functions as a life counter die (if people still use dice for that). The pin badge is made from metal and is extremely well crafted. The Simic symbol is embossed, giving a little 3D effect to it. It's a great little addition for collectors! The sticker and the insert just give a little bit of flavour and style. I really like the sticker but don't have a lot of places I could stick it. Overall the extra of this kit is very impressive, save the off colour D20.

SImic guild kit deck zegana alternate artwork pictures

Now to the meat of it, the 60 card deck. Not only is this a preconstructed, ready to play Magic the Gathering deck, but there are also a few extra little features. These decks are constructed with cards from their corresponding sets - in this case Ravnica Allegiance - and also reprints from the other Ravnica blocks. This means that a lot of these decks include some great cards for Modern, Commander and other non-standard formats.

Zegana Alternate Art simic Guild Kit review

The top card of this deck, and the card that took centre stage on the front of the packaging is Zegana, Utopian Speaker. However, this Zegana is a little different. Not only is she a foil, but she has alternate art specific to this kit! For collectors and people who like to bling out their decks, these special alternate arts are great for showing off, and Zegana isn't the only exciting alternate art (but we'll get to that later).

 simic guild kit rares and mythic guild kit unboxing review mtg

 As for other exciting cards, this kit has a lot of them. 1 mythic and 13 rares (not including lands), within which lie some powerful commander and modern classics. A Progenitor Mimic reprint as the mythic is fantastic, with the legendary creatures Vorel of the Hull Clade, Experiment Kraj and Momir Vig Simic Visionary, you can see how the value of this kit quickly stacks up! With a playset of Simic Growth Chamber included, just a few cards swapped in could make this a fun and strong deck!

simic guild kit review unboxing Magic the gathering basic land alternate art

The pièce de résistance in my eyes are these beautiful alternate art basic lands. Each kit has basic lands with alternate art in the text box to show off the style of the guilds. These Simic lands look beautiful, and I can't wait to replace some of my lands in other decks to really make them shine. I love collecting cards and a little extra, and these basics finish off these guild kits in a wonderful fashion.

Going through the deck and reading all the crazy cards the included was really great fun, and I can't wait to pit this against my Rakdos Guild kit deck and see how they both play. I'm sure after some tweaking and games with these decks they will really shine. I took out the alternate art Zegana straight away (and it went right into my folder of collector cards), but I can't wait to build a commander or modern deck using all these alternate arts and guild basics. From my point of view, these kits have a tonne of value, for collectors in the alternate arts, for players who want to face these kits against each other, or even for players who want to strip these back to their components and use them in other decks. For £18, the value you get in these kits far surpass the initial cost, and for the extra collector's items as well, these are a brilliant deal. I highly recommend these kits!

Oz xoxo

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