16/11/18 - What I've Been Up To, Christmas and New Products!

Hey again, it's update time!

First off, let's talk about new products! On my Etsy store, I have uploaded a few new things, and there is still more to come. There is a lot of board game specific stuff this week! There is the Terraforming Mars box insert. I'm dead excited about this cause I love actually designing and making products from scratch (plus it's super useful cause now I have all my TM stuff nice and tidy). Then there is the Monster Cup drawstring bag! Playing Elder Sign and Eldritch Horror, it can get a bit frustrating without the opaque bag to hide what you're drawing. Enter this Monster Cup Bag! It folds up tiny, keeps the game secret and it's very thematic. I hope to do more dice bags and token bags soon, so expect more to come! Finally, we have a little product, the inspiration token! This little guy is something I always need when I'm DMing DnD or any RPG game with the inspiration mechanic. It's a constant reminder that you can give/use the inspiration in front of you, otherwise, I forget and leave out such a cool part of the game! I have more products in the works, and to see some sneak peeks and early views, join my mailing list (I don't spam don't worry) and follow my Instagram @osseuk.

This week I have also been making some Dungeons and Dragons terrain. It's nothing too special, but I might do a little blog/tutorial to show how I made it. I haven't ever really learnt how to do any fancy painting techniques, I just love taking the time to paint minis and terrain, so feel free to help me improve my stuff whenever I post anything!

Finally, Christmas is (almost) here! It's black Friday next week, meaning the start of the Christmas rush. I don't plan or selling out of stock, but it's mega hard to plan for Christmas as a small retailer, so if you desperately want anything, get in early. Also feel free to contact me about any questions or custom products and gifts you may want, and I'll see if I can help in any way!

Don't forget, I love hearing your feedback and seeing your pictures online, so tag me in anything and use the #osseuk hashtag on Instagram and I'm guaranteed to see it!

Oh, I almost forgot! If you play MTG:Arena, the new play against friends update is out! Drop me a DM or challenge me to a duel, my username is TehOzzmotron#95174

Thanks again, speak soon,

Oz xoxo


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