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HELLO! Thanks for coming to read my blog. Today I'm going to write about whats been going on with me this week. First off lets talk about Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World is the first video game I have bought in ages! I don't often play video games on the PC or PS4, but I saw some stuff for Monster Hunter and thought "that is what I want in a video game". For ages I've been playing Skyrim over and over (and over and over and over), and I've been looking for a replacement RPG for a while, but nothing has taken my fancy. Monster Hunter takes what I like about Dark Souls, and mixes it with massive dinosaur fights. I especially am a huge fan of the weapon and character progression. For those who are unaware, there are no character stats or skills that you have to worry about leveling up, the only progression is within weapons and armour. You have to go out and hunt specific monsters to get the equipment you need to craft the gear you want. It really feels like an achievement when you upgrade your charge blade or get the final piece to your lance, after you've just slain this humongous fire-breathing dinsoaur/dragon thing. I'm so excited to play more and more of it over the next few weeks!

In case some of you don't follow my social medias, I've been working on some new products for a while now, and I'm just finalising the designs and everything! It's super exciting for me, cause I get to develop my brand and product range around the thing I love to make and do. I'm also going to stock up on other items to flesh out the site and have a broader range of products, and I can wait to release them! I have some new designs for some mugs that, as of this post, will be live on our site (and a few on Etsy)! I will link them at the end of this.

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Yet another hobby I have taken up this week is painting miniatures. For so long I've really wanted a tactile hobby to do in my spare time, and I love putting my brain to creative tasks, and recently it clicked, why not paint some minis? I never did any war gaming or anything mini related, and getting super into DnD I really wanted to see if I was any good at painting, so I could start to build a little collection of minis. Well, I don't know if I'm any good, but it was certainly loads and loads of fun. I bought a paint set with minis included, maybe not the most economically sound decision in the long run, but definitely the right choice to see if it was for me. I'm excited now about getting some more paints and minis to colour (although I can't find any that I want yet, maybe some more google-ing will help).

As always, thanks for reading my rambling blog, check out my site for the new products! 

Peace, Oz xoxo


New Etsy Products:

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