New Direction, New Products, New YouTube Channel!

Hello again!

You might have noticed a change around the site. I recently decided to make Ossë more of a portfolio, a front for all my creative work. I have struggled to keep Ossë up to date, what with my violent change in interested and fluctuating hobbies, so I thought that a great way of including Ossë in that is opening it right the way up. This means that any design work, videos, motion graphics and any products I think might be cool will be released via Ossë. This might end up making everything convoluted, but I think it's the best direction I can take it!

To celebrate this, I'll be releasing some new products over the next few days! to kick it off, lets start with a new tee. I've always loved the DIY punk carefree vibe, so my next releases will hopefully convey that vibe! The below tee is live now on my website and Etsy, so check it out!


Finally, as an extra celebration, I have just released my first video on my Ossë YouTube channel! It's a music video for a track I wrote a while back. I will be using the channel to show you what I'm working on, it'll mainly be practise as I have a lot to learn, but hopefully you'll see some improvement! Make sure to subscribe to be involved in my growing channel!

That's probably all today. I am at an Etsy market in Eastleigh (Southampton) on Sunday, so if anyone want's to pop down and say hey I'll probably be giving out some free stickers and chilling out so make yourself known!


Oz xoxo

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